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National Blog Post Month — day one.

Heather-Lynn Remacle
4 min readNov 2, 2022

“We should listen to that” he said, as “top-o-the charts Talyor” was topical on the radio news this evening. My husband is anything but a pop fan. So, I shot a questioning side glance. It hit the fridge, and slid to the floor. A Sweet Nothing.

My algorithms had already given me preview of Ms. Swift’s content, including her video for Anti-hero, which I confess, I love (at least up the point I was able to watch before the toddler woke up). In a world where I surmise most of us feel a need for heroism, we have more need for the notion of self-reflection she models, I think.

Stream of consciousness writing. I feel like it works for Taylor. Judging by what I’m hearing now as I type, that’s the essence of the barely melodic, wall of sound she leans her multiple vocal tracks against. It resonates. It feels like twitter. At least, the twitter we know now.

I’ve thought, and hummed, multiple times about the little, Bigger than the Sky, and in-between moments of my life. Music I’ve actually written and produced (Decades After Paris) tends to be about the future or concepts that don’t quite make me cry while singing (i.e. I probably overthink them). Those quiet humming moments over the dish sink or at the bus stop or at midnight tend to disappear into the iPhone voice memo graveyard, though.

Perhaps I’ll challenge myself now. I’ve been feeling drawn to write; cozy sweaters, chai and all. Perhaps National Blog Post Month (#NaBloPoMo) can keep me practicing and feeling okay about avoiding the yoga mat that has become a full contact sport arena for my cats.

Too Sick to Change; Too much change for the Sick

Dear Reader.

Insert meme about day care, illness, expense, and hybrid work. Layer in the cost of living and general attention deficit of people burned out from being online.

I neglected to follow up on cancelling a meetup group. An unfortunate Glitch. I’ve been paying a couple hundred dollars every year to host the now 526 members who are interested (notionally) in reforming the public service to be better some how. I’m the only one that makes it go, at least in the last 4 years. Uggghhh.

It started with my pursuit of a support network for the citizen engagement practice I was developing on climate action. It twisted into something broadly about innovation because that was hot and the group was growing tired. And most recently I was a Mastermind and realigned to the #OneTeamGov global movement, because I was drawn into that fabulous network.

It’s me. Hi! I’m the problem. It’s me.

Can I justify paying for a list of people that may or may not gather, dependent on how much effort I put in to convene them? I suppose if I was wholly committed to that effort, it would become worth it. Maybe. (You’re on your Own, Kid.)

(I’m kind of lying to myself here. Even just today I reconnected with someone I was introduced at a meetup ages ago, and am excited about the opportunity we might have to do real things. I’m not sure it’s worth hundreds of dollars of meetup group fees… but who knows. We might save some small part of the world for someone.)

I had this hypothesis that if we tested a Bejeweled open source platform that did way more than just call a place and a time, that group members would get excited again about the opportunity to collaborate. Three lovely people showed up to the virtual session. Build it and they will add it to the piles of things they might visit. Karma.

The meetup before that, there were about 20 highly engaged people very happy to make connections and be weird together in real life. It was the essence of all the group has ever really wanted to be, despite ideas rattling around about doing more.

A brunette woman singing into a microphone, side profile
Not Taylor Swift. Some version of me, brave enough to sing a song I wrote to my friend at her wedding without crying.

Maybe all we really want is less. Less of the daily Labyrinth. Maybe it’s just those greasy connections within the context of building a better world that we need, while all the change is on hold…

Midnight rain musings make sense of day.

Reflective notions entertain.

I implore more deep connection

Where comfort lies with imperfection.

We seek more.

Covet less.

Attempt to order all the mess.

Autofill and algorithm

Set the scale and pace.

Quickly get right to the bottom:

Answers and disgrace.

Oh. That got dark. Like a Lavendar Haze.

Anyhoo, I’m stuck with this meetup group for another six months, and I’m not interested in doing much more than I sense people need. Unless or until I sense otherwise, I think people just want a place to go where there’s a pause and safety to inspect the change without any pressure to do any GD thing about it. We can take that shit online, as no one says.


PS I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve tried harder to include all of Talyor’s song titles, but I risked being more confusing than Snow on the Beach.



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